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This game is old, for the app store, but is a fantastic game that I have not had a chance to review yet.

When I was in college, say 10 years ago, my friends and I would play board games. I very clearly remember the first time we played Axis and Allies. It is a game about managing resources, waging war, and making strategic alliances. The only games that have ever come close to that on the iPad are the European War Series.

A few months ago, I wrote about the more recent game in the European War Series, the Napoleon Wars. In that game, you can control the forces of the American and French revolutions. In European War 2, you explore a different, more recent, and more publicized war, World War 2.

When the game starts up, you begin to take turns with your opponents, massing troops, building factories, and strategically positioning units. Battles come swiftly as the German Armies expand and wage war across Europe. This game is hard, as it is supposed to be. When you take control of the Allied Powers, you fight a war that is growing quite dire.

Gameplay is very risk or Axis and Allies based, and you roll the dice in every battle to simulate the odds of success. In this version of the game, you will lose as many battles as you win. Keep trudging on and you may just win the war.

 The Video Review

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Overall Rating

  • Interface
  • Engagement
  • Education Value
  • Productivity Value
  • Game Value


Another solid game in the European War series. The interface has improved over the past few releases, but the Second Game still comes in strong. The story is engaging and walks you through the battles of WWII in a logical way. This is a great game if you want to enjoy being an “Armchair General” from any chair you happen to be near.