Mobile Management

What is this about?

This site is designed to provide resources and materials for my VILS Virtual Conference Presentation on February 7th 2013 about Mobile Classroom Management. Initially this presentation was designed for the members of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program.

Following the 2013 talk, I transitioned from a Full-Time Teacher and TD to being a TD/Admin. As such, my talk changed considerably as I started engaging in the BYOD Debate on a TD level, rather than as just a Teacher.

Lets take into account those changes and look at the more recent version of this talk which was designed for KORCOS 2014. Below you will see the presentation resources and materials for the updated presentation.

Resources from the 2013 presentation:

The presentation itself (my slides)

The presentation recording (from Adobe Connect via ISTE)

Links from the 2013 Presentation: