My work is something that is both complicated and incredibly easy to describe. The work I do focuses on education and outreach for technology and at-risk populations.

All things aside, I consider myself a Education Technologist, a person who works in the nebular nexus of technology and the classroom. Each of the projects I work on has a direct tie to an education objective or a technology one. You can see my list of more recent projects by clicking the links below.

  • Consulting: Composed largely of work for the International Society for Technology in Education and work for a variety of other independent companies focused on Education Technology.
  • Delaware: Work and resources from a talk at the University of Delaware (12/7/2012) about the importance of wireless internet enabled devices in the classroom.
  • Colorado College: Includes the work for Colorado College and course login information for graduate school and professional development services in the Department of Education.
  • Johns Hopkins: Materials and references from my work for demonstrating using the course management online system with mobile devices as well as from the ISTE/JHU cohort in Administration and Supervision.
  • Education: Includes my Philosophy of Education, Classroom Management Portal, and information about my classroom.
  • ISTE: Includes webinar information, copies of presentations, proposals, and additional resources compiled for ISTE over the past few years.

If you happen to be a recruiter or are interested in my complete set of accomplishments and resume, please send me an email directly and I will provide you with access to my resume and portfolio below.

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Thank you for verifying that you are a valid recruiter. In this section are download files for my resume and portfolio-at-a-glance. Feel free to contact me using any of the methods provided.