Is Wireless a good thing? Do you think it is? Should we line our classrooms with lead to keep it out?

On December 7th 2012, I was fortunate enough to present at the University of Delaware mini-conference on Student Engagement. This presentation was geared toward providing resources to College Level educators about how to engage students with Technology. Initially, our presentations were selected so that I could argue against the points brought up by Doug Duncan – the Proclaimed Anti-Wifi/Clicker Hero.

As it turned out, Doug and I had a great time presenting together. We both agreed that no matter what the device, it was important that teachers engage their students. By centering the learning process on engagement, you can successfully develop any classroom model. You can access my presentation and support materials by clicking on the links below:

View Presentation Here

View Source Material Here

Key Take Away:

1. Engaging students with technology is more than just allowing it in your classroom.

2. Extensive data exists on how much technology engages students in College.

3. Start with the “skinny” and build onto your class. Small changes are more significant than big ones.

4. There is a resource that will do what you want – find it and use it!