Designing digital content is something that I love to do and have spent way to much time doing.  Over the past few years, I have been developing several websites to help educators use and integrate technology into their classrooms and this ended up snow balling into a fairly large web presence. It all started with a simple Wiki Redesign for ISTE that just wouldn’t quit. We went through four redesigns and are now working with – which my company owns. I have long since stopped designing for SIGML, I just did not have the time for it once I started working full time in Ed Tech. Now my designs look more specifically at structures in the classroom and at the district level that will allow for more streamlined integration of technology – by DESIGN.

Technology By Design

Design Lab: Lots of educators still plan their lessons to teach curriculum first and technology second (rather than fully integrating the two). One of the major design projects that I have been working on is creating a “Design Lab” to replace a traditional computer lab at the Korea International School. You can view my project design page here.

Strategic Technology:

As a major shift from the current environment at the Korea International School, I created a Technology Strategic Plan within the first few months of my contract. I identified five key software packages that we would continue to use as a school:

  • Google Apps for Education:
  • iWork Suite:
  • PowerSchool:
  • Evernote:
  • Schoology: