Google Apps for Education


Well folks, it is official: I am a Google Certified Teacher. 

What does that mean?

Among other things, it means that I get to have the title Google Certified Teacher and get to be a part of the Google Certified Teacher Community. Now it falls on me as a GCT to do a better job of documenting what actually happens when we use the Google Apps Suite in Education (or Google Drive for Education as it is now branded). On a more concrete level, this means that I have worked to integrate Google into my School and my Profession through hands on and applied usage and training. I entered, and was accepted to the Google Teacher Academy in Manila this past October (2014) and will be working on my GCT Action Plan in my current school. This page is now the place where I will collate the meta-data of my Google presence. If you need anything Google Related, please reach out to me on Google+ and connect.

My Blog

Over the years, I have worked to build this site. This is currently version 4, but I feel an itch for another site or brand coming along soon. As I move into the world of sharing my work with Google with all of you (who ever you are that is reading this) I will post ongoing updates and resources on my blog. You can reach the Google Specific resources by accessing the followng link.



As part of the Google Certified Teacher Program, it is vital that I complete an Action Plan that reflects my leadership and productivity with Google Apps. One of the most frustrating things for me is the lack Google Apps Administration resources tied to Schools. You can find certifications and trainings, but getting Admin training about Education related topics is hard to find. For my project, I seek to change that. Welcome to my project! As a GCT, I will create a scaffolded asynchronous PD system for teachers using google tools. Starting with the introduction of the Basics Qualification, we will move into the Admin Tools for Teachers trainings eventually culminating in the Completed Google Certified Administrator designation. The site is a work in progress, but will be updated periodically with information.