Colorado College


I am very fortunate to be able to work as a Professor in the Summer Session at Colorado College. Since 2012, I have been creating and maintaining several courses for Colorado College as well as preparing talks for the Education Department. It was a surprise to learn that the College was interested in diversifying the course options for students. My courses were designed in a hybrid online and in person format. Students can take anywhere from 1-4 semester hours of graduate credit. Each of my courses is highlighted on my Courses Website. You can visit the site by clicking here or clicking on the image above.

On top of teaching at Colorado College, I have had the opportunity to work at several other schools in Higher education. Read below for more information.

TalksSummer 2013Summer 2014Summer 2016
My most recent talk at Colorado College was about issues facing teachers in leu of new legislation regarding High-Stakes Testing. Colorado has passed a number of laws requiring performance metrics to be utilized at an unprecedented level. As a student of Education Administration, it was a real honor to be on a panel with such distinguished graduates and education leaders.

The summer of 2013 was my first try at being a Professor. All in all, I think it went well! It was great to be able to work with students in such a collegial atmosphere. You can view my course description below:

My courses are hosted online through this website and I would be more than happy to teach you all!

My 2014 Summer Session courses are still undergoing the approval process. Stay tuned for more information.
Courses for 2016 have just been announced. Stay tuned for more information.