Evernote was Here!

    Well, we are official – or at least official enough to warrant a visit from the Evernote Korea Team (click the photo above to see the Evernote Korea Blog about KiS). The KiS Community was happy to host Evernote for four hours to show them how we do things. While they were visiting, […]

Evernote: Workflows for Education

 There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about how to best use Evernote in a Classroom. Lots of people talk about how to be productive with Evernote, but few Power-Users are Teachers/Educators. There have been some great posts around the Evernote For-Schools Discussion boards, and some wonderful posts by Bec Spink in Australia, […]

The Technology Directors Guide to Leadership: Post 1

As I continue to grow in my own understanding of the Role of a Technology Director, I increasingly turn to those books and resources (from organizations that I trust) about the topic. This Quarter, I have decided to examine The Technology Director’s Guide to Leadership by Don Hall. This reading is in the middle of several […]