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SpiderOak is one of my favorite Zero-Knowledge companies. A few months ago, I was sent a promotion on “Supporting internet Privacy” and a locked price “Unlimited” storage amount on SpiderOak. Up until that point, I had not even heard of the company – or Zero-Knowledge for that matter. I jumped in to see what it was like, while I still sorted out my 1Tb Google Drive.

I pay for online storage, let me just lead with that disclaimer. Right now, I pay $10/month for 1Tb of storage with Google. SpiderOak offers 1Tb of storage for $12/month – a relatively small difference to support privacy on the internet.

SpiderOak is basically an encrypted version of Google Drive and Dropbox. When you install the SpiderOak application, it stores your encryption keys on your computer, and then allows you to select which files/folders you want to “Backup” to SpiderOak. From the app you can access those files and share them if you want. The second key function is the “Hive” which is a secure/synced folder between all SpiderOak devices on your account.

As a digital native, I like being able to have “Firewalled” shares on my work computers (as in, remove the device from my approved list, and those files are locked out).

 The Video Review

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Overall Rating

  • Interface
  • Engagement
  • Privacy Value
  • Productivity Value
  • Zero Knowledge / Open Source


SpiderOak is another company that is great to support if you value internet privacy. There are a number of great features in the app for iPad and in the Web/Desktop version. Check out the free trial and if you want to pay for services, SpiderOak is a great place to invest your money.