Game Review: The Survivor

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The Survivor is a fun, but somewhat limited Crafting Survival Game.

You start off with your hand and a rock. Like a crazy person, you bang that rock against other rocks and against tress to collect resources so that you can survive. As a word of caution, like most Survival Games, the worst mobs come out at night, so make sure that you have some light, a weapon, and some shelter to protect you when the sun goes down (basically just chop down a bunch of trees with you rock at the beginning of the game).

This game is good. It is a great way to engage in a Zombie filled world, but the crafting table and gameplay are very limited. It only took a few hours to get through the entire set of craftable items and build two multi level shelters. Shooting the Mobs from cover is a great night time activity, but it tends to get old as the shooting system is a big clunky and needs some refinement. The biggest reason I have for supporting this game is that it has so much potential! I can imagine this growing into a full fledged game with more cartable items, mobs, and tools.

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