Game Review: Terraria

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Wow, Terraria…

It takes forever! As an iOS gamer, I have been following the pulse of iOS game development. It seems like three genres of Games have been steadily growing over the past year. Those genres are Crafting, Card, and Survival Games. Terraria is one of the most popular iOS Crafting/Survival games on the market.

The basic premise is that you are stuck on an alien world and need to survive. With rudimentary tools (at first), you create your own kingdom. As the game progresses, you have access to more intricate tools and resources, allowing you to create more and more items. Games like this tend to drag on forever! With Terraria, there is an end. You do reach the end of the crafting table after many hours in the game, and you can then spend your time developing your holdings.

I like to think of Terraria as a version of Minecraft built for an iOS Device. Minecraft uses a First Person perspective to render graphics. On the iOS devices, that is limited due to the RAM that is built in. Terraria uses a simple side scrolling 2D gameplay mechanic which renders beautifully on the limited resource of the iPad.

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