Game of the Week: Respawnables

Another week and another Game!

This week is an exciting action packed game that came out several weeks ago. Respawnables is a First Person Shooter (FPS) with enough fun action to keep fans coming back for more. The app reminds me of Team Fortress, and is one of the most fun, if cartoony, FPS on the App Store.


When you first download the game, you are promised the ability to be a MIB star, or a ghostbuster. The reality of the game is that you need to pay a pretty steep price to unlock those amazing weapons (approx $20). The paywall comes up very fast as you try and outfit your personal respawnable. It is easy to see how the game can make a killing on people who want that specific spec. That being said, the replay value of this game is astounding and investing $20-40 on a FPS that you can continue to play for a long time is a really small price to play.


When the game starts up, you are presented with your cartoon like avatar (which is a really smart move considering you do not need to try and get the same level of graphics and can focus on FPS).

As you upgrade your toon, the image displayed on the screen changes. If I had the rocket launcher equiped, it would be what my guy is holding.

Once the game starts, you can jump into the action immediately or take a moment and see the menus and options that are available to you:

The game is based on a classic gameplay mechanic of leveling up your character through the completion of Quests and Challenges in order to unlock new weapons and equipment. Each set of equipment and weapons upgrades your gameplay and allows you to specialize in one or more areas.

As soon as you are ready, hit the play button and you are thrust into the action almost immediately.

The view is entirely in third person, but the ease of using the dual analog sticks helps to give you the sense of a shooter. With the addition of MFi support, the game is wonderful. I find myself gaming on planes and in airports with my SteelSeries Stratus. This is a relatively new development in my life as I rarely find the games that challenge me on my iPad.

I tend to play the same map over and over, something I used to do on COD as well. My map of choice:

Sandtown is a fun place where you get to experiment with a wide range of tactics in a very small map. I have been working to increase my ability to take down the random players (and AI) who run and gun with the Shotguns.

The game is fun and the action can get intense as the bullets fly:


I rate this game highly because it is fun to play. I am a big fan of COD and FPS in general, and this game is one of my favorite on iOS.

To be frank, I am not a big fan of the control scheme without the Stratus. Using the dual analog sticks greatly improves the ability to manage the control character. I find that when I jump into combat without the Stratus, I do not have enough fingers to move my character and shoot at the same time.


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