Game of the Week: Assault Team

unnamed-13This is quite an old app, or at least it is old when considering the age of most apps for iOS.

A few weeks ago, my Game of the Week: Star Wars Assault Team was featured in a number of big App Websites and reviews. I downloaded it almost immediately, and started to play. After a few days, I deleted the app and never thought twice about it until it popped up on the featured list a few days ago.

Having somewhat fond memories of the game, I downloaded it and started playing almost immediately.


Gameplay Introduction:

At its core, Assault Team is a game about developing your own set of “Cards” or characters and having them fight. When the game starts, you are met with this simple loading screen:

photo 1

When you first start, you are trying to escape a Star Destroyer and find yourself (as Han Solo) trapped in a Detainment Cell with two Clone guards. Using your skills as a smuggler, you incapacitate the guards and escape your cell – picking up a blaster on the way out.

Along the way, you meet a couple of other known characters: Chewie, A Rebel Medic, R2-D2, and a few others.

The basic gameplay follows (roughly) the story of R2 getting the Death Star Plans. There are around 12 “phases” of the campaign that allow you to have approximately 100 missions each with three distinct difficulties.

As you progress, the game gets increasingly difficult. After exiting the Destroyer, you land on the Wookie homeworld and try to get the plans out to the Rebels. This is what that looks like. From the main screen, I scrolled over to my mission and was presented with this:

photo 2

As I started to prepare for the mission, which costs four of  my precious 17 Energy (which refills in about an hour), I realized that I wanted to make sure that I had the right team for the job. I went back to the main screen and edited my team:

photo 3

As you can see, I have a few notable Star Wars characters on the team. Since I had a good mix of Health (red +) and Attack (yellow fist) I decided to try the mission. Going back to the main mission menu, I again selected the correct mission and started it up.

This is the basics of the game, your cards play through and collect other cards:

photo 4

They also fight the enemies in the Environment:

photo 1 (1)

All to try and earn a few rewards:

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)

These rewards, or cards you collect, translate into in game currency or items needed to level up your characters. In essence, this is a deck building game where you collect and level the best cards you can find or buy. After a few hours of gameplay, I was bored, but realized that I unlocked another area of the game that I had not previously seen before, the Arena.

photo 4 (1)

The Arena is just like it sounds; a place where you can fight – to the death – with other players. You receive rewards for how many successful attacks you have had, and you can use those rewards to buy better cards and resources.


Overview: If you like the basic gameplay of Deck-building and the ability to strategically play those cards against others, this is a game for you. I like the asynchronous battles and ability to play for limited amounts of time. Being a fan of the Star Wars Genres helps a bunch also…

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