Game of the Week: Angry Birds Transformers

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This app, despite all of the hype, transformed into a flop.

I have been a big fan of the Rovio games, and enjoyed the Star Wars subset tremendously. The most recent venture into the side scrolling Transformers, makes me a bit confused and annoyed. The game is entirely different, and is now a “Click to win” game rather than involving any skill or strategy.

Transformers has you run across the field (from left to right) and fire on the Decepti-pigs. You get points for killing them and having blocks fall and kill them. When you win you progress through the standard “Angry Birds” 3 star campaign system unlocking more perks along the way.

In my book, Angry Birds Transformers is a disappointment, and a game that I will promptly remove from my iPad.

 The Video Review

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