Game of the Week: Age of Zombies

Platform: iOS     Price: $0.99

Another game and another failed attempt to tame it. This week I am examining the work of Halfbrick Studios and their creation Age of Zombies. This game has very little to offer the education world, but it is certainly fun to play – although considerably slowed when played with my SteelSeries Stratus. That being said, lets dig into the review and how the game works.




The game begins with a screen that anyone who plays will begin to recognize, the loading screen. As with most high processing games, there is some load time that you need to be ready for. If you are expecting to jump right into the action, you will have a hard time starting up the game. Be patient…

After loading for a bit, you will get to this screen. It is your simple touch to start page but the content is constantly updated for seasonal changes and updates to the game. You may find various costumes or other items on the screen after an update.

Now the real hart of the game is as a 2d dual analog shooter. You control an annoying little dude – similar in every way to Chuck Norris – who runs around and kills things. Occasionally he will inject asinine comments to keep you on your toes. In each level, you progress by killing the undead as you can see below.

The start of each level usually has a short video clip of some helpful person (or person in distress) warning you about the Zombies. Chuck usually ends the video sequence by shooting that person in the face.

That is when all hell breaks loose and you are fighting and quickly dispatching the undead. In the image below, you can see me hitting a x43 and x29 streaks. Simply run around, pick up powerups, and constantly shoot at and kill the horde. It all seems pretty simple…

Until you start seeing fast movers and larger (mega) zombies that take a multitude of shots to take down. Then it gets bad. In this image you cannot even see me in the middle of the horde trying to escape.


Well folks, I am going to have to go against what I have seen on the other Forums and review sites. In my opinion, Age of Zombies has little need to stay on my iPad. It is a standard 2d, dual-analog shooter. The gameplay is monotonous: run and gun. If, and this is a big if, it happened to work with my MiFi, I would probably give it a better review. I am running an iPad Mini, and when I connected my MiFi Controller (a SteelSeries Stratus) the game lagged so bad that I could not play. This game is calling for MiFi support and I can see it being fun to play with the Dual Analog sticks. Unfortunately, at this time, Age of Zombies is not a game worth playing.


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