Evernote goes to the Galapagos (and the Amazon)!

One of the biggest reasons that I use Evernote is the ability to quickly organize and document my ever changing life. This summer, my side and I spent two weeks traveling through Ecuador. This included a trip to the Galapagos and the amazon.

Before we left, I prepared all of our travel documents in an Evernote notebook. This included all of our flight information and booking confirmations. With an Evernote premium account, I could easily download the entire notebook to my ipad for offline viewing. When I travel, I tend to download all of the documents on both my ipad and my iPhone just incase something goes wrong.

For this particular trip, I was also carrying my Evernote Moleskine notebook as my travel journal:

I was impressed with the page quality and the ability to stand up to the heat of the amazon. Our trip started with a few days in Quito and Otavalo. Quito is really high! After just a few hours of exertion, we were both exhausted.

We were happy to head out to our cruise on the he Encantada boat to tour the Galapagos for a few days. Evernote also made an appearance on the boat:

It was a very memorable trip, and I am sure that more photo journal posts will go up showing everything that we looked at during the trip.

Evernote once again made the trip a success!

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