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Introduction to Education Technology (EdTech 101)

Flip, Integrate, Synthesize, Mobile, Online, Hybrid, 1-to-1, 1-to-web, BYOD… The constant ballad of technology change in education. Trends in Education Technology change rapidly, but the theories and methodologies for integrating those technologies remains the same. This course will explore the pedagogical background for Technology integration. Participants will examine current trends, evaluate technology standards, and apply their knowledge to a technology tool they will be using with students the following year.

During this course, students examine models of instruction that are conducive to integrating technology, including various approaches to differentiated instruction and assistive technology. Emphasis is on instructional skills including classroom management, student use of the technology, and effective pedagogical methods. Each student will apply their learning within their workplace to develop practical skills in technology implementation while still understanding and making considerations for legal and management implications.

At the conclusion of the week, students will produce a Unit Plan that integrates best practices in technology integration.

Instructor:  Victor Fitzjarrald
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