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If Rovio had done Angry Birds Transformers correctly, this would be it! Monsu is a great side scrolling platformer/endless runner.

You control Monsu, a green ogre who is chasing some gnomes who carry a chest full of gold. Along the way, you will pass a large number of defenses and try to not fall to your death. As you progress, you find that this is actually a Deck Building game! You collect cards to earn companions and special powers on the battlefield. This game is immediately playable and has a great tutorial to familiarize you with the controls. Even though it is easy to get started, the challenges and leveling becomes increasingly difficult, keeping you engaged and working to progress.

This is a great game, and it will certainly last a long time on my iPad before I move on to other games in a similar vein.

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Monsu is a great side scrolling application for the iPad. The mix of genres keeps you engaged and interested. As an endless runner it is fun to earn cards to help you power-up your runs. The monetization of the app is not intrusive and does not distract from the overall gameplay. Levels are well crafted and keep you coming back to get that last star. Overall it is a good game, but I would like to see a few more updates and expansions planned.