The Denver Center for 21st Century Learning

For the past few years, I have had the pleasure in designing and maintaining the technology use and support for the students and staff. This is no small feat, and required considerable juggling to make sure I was up to par. In order to support all of the technology in use, I developed usage plans and curriculum to support each teacher.

Because this is my current employer, much of the work I have done was as a result that employment. As a Lead Teacher, Department Chair, and Technology Teacher on Special Assignment, I have worked on a number of large projects and professional development activities. The majority of my work was in curriculum, administration, and technology use. You can see each project description below and links to any pertinent materials.

Technology Development
iPads 75 Year 1:  Used in HS Sophomore Science Courses (Integrated Math Рtaught by me). Currently used to support administration Рfor observations Рand to support our MS students in class.
STEM iPads 15 These iPads were part of a grant program through the Friedman Family Foundation. Designed entirely for STEM use in the applied technology lab.
Netbooks 125 These netbooks were purchased by Denver Public Schools to allow our students to work at an accelerated pace. They are from the Enterprise Department and are the E2120 Models.
Laptops 100 Mostly designated for Teacher and Staff use through the teacher laptop project. 60 of the computers are designated for testing and business use with the remainder being in staff possession (Dell E5520)
SmartLabs 2 x 16 Computers and Server The smartlab was designed by Creative Learning Systems and I have been the Facilitator/Coordinator for the past two years. This includes managing both the STEM and Business labs as well as the network server and connectivity.

At DC-21, I was also the APEX Coordinator, Credit Recovery Coordinator, Webmaster, STEM Program Coordinator, and General Tech Guy.

To top off my technical responsibilities, I worked extensively in curriculum development to ensure that the DC-21 Culture and Climate were intentional in their creation and development.

Curriculum Development