Game Review: BioShock

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In the Genre of “Console Ports” there are relatively few options for iOS. With EA Releasing the Mass Effect and DeadSpace titles, there was some hope… it continues to fizzle. The Knights of the Old Republic port is a fantastic console quality game on the iPad, but for those of us who played that game to death on the PC or Xbox, it is an old hat. iOS gamers have been chomping at the bit for another Console quality game to hit the store.

This year, we saw the most notable game of our generation hit the App Store: BioShock.

If you are like me, and played all of the BioShock series on a Console/PC, you will find the gameplay very familiar. DO NOT COMPARE THE IOS GRAPHICS TO CONSOLE QUALITY! There are so many reviews out there that destroy this app because of the graphics. The reality of the situation is that the iPad is not a Gaming Rig, and will never be. We have to accept it, and take the graphics that the device can support – like original Xbox graphics and games.

Even though I played BioShock on my old Xbox, there is nothing like engaging in the gameplay on a long-haul flight of when I need a break from the office. As a console quality game, the price is high, but if you are fan of Survival RPG’s BioShock is a must have.

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