Game of the Week: Spymaster

icon175x175Platform: iOS     Cost: Freemium

A great freemium 4x RTS. This title blends together spy missions and asset management. While I enjoyed playing the game, I had a hard time embracing the premise as a tool to be used for anything other than entertainment.

That being said, it is still worth a quick download and trial. I found the mix of risking your agents and recruiting a great way to shake up the normal gameplay.

The Video Review


This is a good game!As a 4x RTS game, it is a fun premise and has a good monetization scheme. The game starts you out as a spymaster controlling British agents in Europe during WWII. While it loosely follows some story lines that are plausible, there is only a loose historical setting for the game. As an education tool, the game is lacking. If you want to teach about the French resistance, this could be a good game to let students embrace what it was like.

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