Final Course Reflection (Organization and Administration)

It is that time again, another post to round out a course from Hopkins. This course gave you an opportunity to practice a range of leadership strategies when making decisions. It required you to think politically, orchestrate collaboration among all stakeholders, and remain steadfast in your original vision. What do you envision to be the […]


Here I am at work on a Friday…

It is something that I am not really used to doing. Having a four day instructional week is great – and I am almost always hesitant to commit to a Friday full of work!

Today we are in Professional Development about engaging students to increase achievement. Our instructor started with a video that I actually really enjoyed (and would highly recommend watching):

After we took the time to watch this awesome video, we immediately went into quiet reading and analysis of Listening to Urban Kids. It was fascinating to talk with the other teachers and walk through what our school is teaching our students. I am fascinated by my own analysis of each situation and how that effects my perception of the school. My own learning and history of learning shapes my perceptions, and how I analyze my environment.

Reflection on Co-Teaching and Differentiation

Entry #1: Co-Teaching- Share your thoughts about the co-teaching model? What impact does the upgrade of curriculum for the 21st century have on co-teaching? As a curriculum supervisor or leader, what challenges would you have supervising and evaluating a co-teaching team, and how might supervisors address these challenges? I actually have had the pleasure of co-teaching […]

Curriculum Reflection

In the current school environment, there are many stakeholders that have a variety of perspectives on how schools should be managed. As each stakeholder tries to push their own agenda regarding curriculum, schools are caught in the middle. Some of the stakeholders with the most pull in these negotiations regarding curriculum are: the Local, State, […]

Final Reflection

In my first course with Johns Hopkins, I learned a great deal about my self and my approach to leadership. Not everything that I learned was good, but almost all of it transformed me in ways that I did not even know were important. As we progressed through the class, we examined a wide variety […]

Fitzjarrald – Transformational Leadership

I believe that transformational leadership can be used to instigate change at all levels of education administration and leadership. Transformational leadership is the ability to enhance a follower’s morale and motivation. This type of leadership can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, but always focuses on improving the situation and innate potential of the […]

Orientation Course…

This post is going to be a bit interesting, especially for those of you who are used to my normal posts. Instead of talking and reflecting on my everyday life, I will be reflecting on a set of questions that were posed for my Administration and Supervision Certifciate program. As you read on, the questions will […]