Orientation Course…

This post is going to be a bit interesting, especially for those of you who are used to my normal posts. Instead of talking and reflecting on my everyday life, I will be reflecting on a set of questions that were posed for my Administration and Supervision Certifciate program. As you read on, the questions will […]


It is always amazing to me how quickly things change. Over the past week or so, I have been offered two different web-design jobs by people I work with. It is really flattering. The first is for a company known as the4aspects.com. They are looking for a website upgrade with some wiki functionality and the […]

Teaching math in another language.

One of the things I tell pre-service teachers is that the students in your class must consider math as a second (or in my case third) language. Cognitively we develop our talents in math the same way we develop those for language acquisition. This concept is easy to understand, but like most research in education […]

At-Risk Social Networks

It is Spring Break! Unfortunately, as a Technology Administrator for a High-School, my job does not stop. One of the interesting things about my job though is that I get to see recent studies and headlines “in the flesh.” Here is an example: Over the past few days, more than 100 Emails have been flagged […]

New Designs…

The story of my life seems to be the need to constantly update, revise, and recreate my websites. This is great, but it seems like the majority of my sites are down the majority of the time. I just reworked this blog site to reincorporate wordpress (which I had previously deleted from my site). Now […]