App Essentials: Priority Matrix (ToDo)

icon175x175 (1)Platform: iOS     Cost: Free

Priority Matrix is a great todo list application for those of us who use Matrix Views to organize and prioritize our task lists. Unfortunately, I found the app a bit cumbersome to use and went with GNEO instead. Priority Matrix does have a web-interface, which is a huge plus, but I am a bit concerned that they have not monetized the app yet. we are all waiting to see how much the services we have been using will cost… So far this app is a steal.

The Video Review


I liked Priority Matrix when I first started using it. After a few days, I started getting a bit weary of entering all of the information that the system requires when maintaining my contact list. The ability to select the Grid that I want to use (Eisenhower, GTD, etc.) was very helpful, but did not get me past the original qualms I had with the application. It is a good purchase, but I tend to use GNEO rather than Priority Matrix when I manage my ToDo list on the iPad.

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