App Essentials: Gneo (ToDo)

icon220x220Platform: iOS Cost:$4.99

GNEO is a productivity app geared for helping you manage and sync your todo lists. In my search for productivity tools that I can use on the iPad, I always shied away from GNEO – simply because of the price. After adding it to my wish-list, GNEO went on sale and I picked it up on. My only regret is that I did not purchase it earlier. As a fan of the GTD Mentality and Pomodoro, I use GNEO to manage all of my tasks with ease. The only drawback to GNEO is that lack of a Mac App or Cloud Platform. If I could access and maintain my GNEO tasks from a web-interface, this would be the prefect app for my busy schedule. I would highly recommend GNEO for those of you who use Evernote and want to be able to manage your tasks within the GTD methodology.


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GNEO is a great productivity app for rapidly entering your todo list items. I settled on GNEO because it has a direct sync to other services I use (iCal and Evernote). If you do not care about the ability to sync your todo lists with these other systems, you can use an app like Priority Matrix to handle your todo list in a GTD friendly way. In my opinion, GNEO is worth the price for the syncing to Evernote, which does give the app enough of a Desktop and Web presence to satisfy my cross platform lifestyle.

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