Curriculum Vitae

What is a CV? I am serious! Is it a place to record your accomplishments and gains in life, or is it a place to brag about what you find rewarding. In its essence, a CV is just that, the Curriculum of a Life. So how do you mark the Curriculum of a life when so many things shape and mold it? In my life, I have been shaped and molded by experiences both good and bad. This website holds the keys to all of them, which is why this list will never be complete. Just like my life, this website is evolving. Even though I believe that the worth of a person is beyond the experiences they list in a CV, it is still a good idea to list them.

180px-JHU_University_Seal2 Graduate Certificate Administration and Supervision
200px-Colorado_College_seal Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Science
200px-Colorado_College_seal Bachelor of Arts Double Major in Chemistry and Biology

200px-Colorado_College_seal 2009 Cellular Education: Using Mobile Devices to Engage Students.
200px-Colorado_College_seal 2007 A convenient procedure for the esterification of benzoic acids with phenols: a new application for the Mitsunobu reaction
Colorado CollegeProfessorCreated and maintain the College's only online courses. Developed courses for MAT Students in Technology Education. Currently teach both iPad Integration and Google Apps for Education Courses.
Korea International School JejuI.T. CoordinatorDeveloped the School Technology Strategic Plan. Implemented and supported both a 1:1 iPad implementation and a 1:1 MacBook implementation. System Administrator for the all school technology: PowerSchool Administrator; Google Apps for Education Administrator; Schoology LMS Administrator; Evernote for Business Administrator. Developed ongoing professional development plans for the entire staff (80+ educators and 100+ boarding staff members). Supervised a team of 8 technology professionals/specialists including 5 Education Technology Integrators.
ISTEInstructional ConsultantI was only involved with ISTE for a few months before we parted ways. I was on a team of trainers who supported grant program professional development in the STEM arts for 1:1 programs around the United States.
Denver Public SchoolsTechnology TOSAI worked as the Technology Director and STEM Program manager for a school in Downtown Denver. I directly supported 413 netbooks as well as two design/maker labs. Creative Learning Certified SmartLab Teacher. Google Qualified Teacher. Member of the School Leadership Team.