Warlords of Draenor: Achieved! (Welcome to Draenor)




Another Day, another quest! Here it is, a beautiful Monday morning. Yesterday, I finished off a couple of Dark Portals to ensure that Durotar and Azeroth are defended. Now, I am in Draenor and fighting with my buddy Thrall to defeat the Iron Horde on their own ground.


Disclaimer: There will be spoilers and screenshots in this post that walk you through the “Welcome to Draenor” Achievement.

As usual, click on my images to see them full size.




Since you are still fighting the Iron Horde, most of the first quests in Draenor are focused on Killing. You have to burn some houses, and kill some orcs first. Then, you have to disable the Iron Hordes All Seeing Eye (or the Eye of Sauron):



To defeat the Eye of Kilrogg, you need to break some Orbs of what looks like blood. There are three of them. The third is on the top of the ruin near the Eye and when you destroy it, you will be treated to a cutscene of the Iron Horde attacking the Area:


Not cool! You are whisked over to our friendly Archmage who destroys the bridge that they are using to attack from:


Now that you have secured the area for the time being, you have to go back on the offensive and rescue more members of the Horde. In this case, you have to rescue another mage by freezing a fire pit.


After returning to Kargath, you run into an arena, it is your only avenue of escape, and of course you are with your band of superfriends. Another cutscene comes up and this guy tells you you can only make it out as a Victor or a Corpse:

WoWScrnShot_072814_104519Kargath is not too happy about that:


You all fight and eventually win, running out of the opposite gate as Victors:


Kargath leads you into a Cave, and the entrance collapses, sealing you in. You complete a couple of “Kill this thing” quests and eventually are lead to the Leader of the Iron in the Cave to take down. The superfriends join hands and defeat the crazy white orc (which I am sure is just a beta issue and I have reported it).


You are then transported to the Blackrock Quarry to do some more killing quests for Thrall:


Eventually you will kill enough people, and steal enough weapons to allow Kargath to flood the area by breaking the Dam:

WoWScrnShot_072814_111300 WoWScrnShot_072814_111303

After the cutscene, you are treated to a more relaxed environment. You are still trying to free all of the Allies and Push the Iron Horde back, but that is pretty standard. Eventually, you are asked to help repair a huge cannon:


You use a couple of side cannons to do some damage to the Horde:

WoWScrnShot_072814_112744 WoWScrnShot_072814_113154

And eventually, you will be treated to a climatic destruction of the Dark Portal by firing the Cannon (this actually does not exist yet, but you get a “Awesome Event” notification and I am sure that Blizzard will deliver). As soon as the portal is destroyed, the superfriends run to try and take over an idling steamship and escape to Draenor:


Once you board the ship, you are deposited on the shore of Draenor and a quest: The Song of Frost and Fire.



Finally, Glacier Bay and the lands of Durotar. My biggest wish was also granted, and my Map finally worked! Quests started tracking effectively, and I hit the 91 mark.


To top all of that off, I was hit with my first WoD Achievement: Welcome to Draenor! – It is official, I am in!



I of course did not just stop playing there, I had to see what was around now that I was in Draenor. Trust me, they waste no time getting you into your Garrison. My next Post on WoD will be all about the introduction to your personal Garrison.

Overall Impression so Far: WoD is still very rough. For the first few hours of gameplay, I have reported around 10 bugs to Blizzard, I have been lost a half dozen times, and had a hard time continuing because the quests did not line up. It will be a long few months, but I am confident that Blizzard will be up to the task!



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