Introduction to Education Technology (EdTech 101)

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What is Education Technology… To be completely honest, there is no real answer. Many people have tried to…


Course Description  

This course has two components. The first is an In-Person week of pedagogy and theory. During the fall semester students have the option of enrolling in an action research section to put that theory into practice in their own classrooms. Each section is expounded upon below:

In Person: Students examine models of instruction that are conducive to integrating technology, including various approaches to differentiated instruction and assistive technology. Emphasis is on instructional skills including classroom management, student use of the technology, and effective pedagogical methods. Each student will apply their learning within their workplace to develop practical skills in technology implementation while still understanding and making considerations for legal and management implications.

Distance Learning: Students will participate in online activities in both individual and group settings. Monthly assignments will include readings and projects culminating in a final action research project focused on a current trend in Technology Integration. Required Synchronous meetings will occur on Saturdays once a month for the duration of the first semester. Online activities will be completed and submitted using an online LMS.

Course Objectives

The course objectives are based on the NETS Standards from the International Society for Technology in Education. Specific references to standards are listed with each course activity. This course exemplifies the meaning of NETS-T standard 5 (improve your professional practice and demonstrate lifelong learning through digital resources and tools) by allowing educators to learn, model, and demonstrate best practices in Education Technology.

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