Incompetence or Lack of Knowledge?

It really amazes me sometimes how incompetent some people seem!

I was reflecting earlier today on this very issue. At school, we had a District representative arrive who wanted to know about the SmarLabs, and how they have changed over the past year.

To be honest, it made me a little hot under the collar to be discussing it!

What it comes down to for me is that our school started without a clue as to the way things would work. As most teachers would agree, teaching with technology is more difficult than a normal classroom. Add to that thousands of dollars in applied technology, first year teachers, at-risk students, and a distinct lack of training/foresight and you quickly have a nightmare.

Unfortunately for me, my job is to wake everyone from the nightmare and get them moving again.

My biggest hope, and the thing that I continually work for is that my teachers (the ones that I am coaching) get the training they deserve. I hope that with training, experience, and resources, those teachers can effectively use technology to its fullest potential. Teachers do not know how to use technology! We must teach them, and that, above all things, is what I see as my purpose!

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