Game Review: Galaxy on Fire 2 (HD)

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What a game! I have always wanted to be able to fly across the galaxy and build my own vessel. Galaxy on Fire allows me to do that, and I can do it in style! The main story line is that you are taking on a hostile alien race that is destroying the galaxy. As a former military fighter pilot, and now a pirate, you engage the enemy and eventually destroy them (with a bunch of help from some scientists). GOF2 is a Space Piloting game in the truest sense, giving you the ability to control, upgrade, and fight with the ship of your choice.

After the first GOF Game was released, I was stoked to see a Space Shooter that was so fully developed. With the addition of GOF2 and GOFA, a series has been born. As with most “Open World” games, there are endless missions and versions of the game to play through. As an iPad game, it can get a bit hard to complete missions in a few minutes, and I tend to set aside at least 30 minutes for bouts of any of the GOF Games.

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