Game Review: FTL

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FTL is a game that has been out for some time. I have been playing it for months and it still has me firmly within its grip. The basic premise is that you command a ship that is fleeing an aggressive fleet. As you progress, or jump, to new systems, you are presented with missions. Those missions earn you commodities that you use to upgrade your ship and destroy your enemies.

The gameplay is fairly straight forward, but the game is insanely challenging. After a few hours of playing, I had not beaten a single game. To this day, I still have not progressed to defeating the final boss of the game. It will take you hours of gameplay just to make it to the final confrontation, and even then, you will be lucky to survive. FTL is another game with an insanely high Game Hours / Dollar ratio. I still continue to play hoping that one day I will unlock all of the ships – it seems unlikely, but I am still hoping. Check out my video below for Gameplay analysis.

 The Video Review

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