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Judas, the enforcer of light, squares off against the undead Legions of Lazarus in this wonderful game by DreamFear.

I have to say that I feel like I am in some Religious High-Water when I play the game (pun intended). There is something satisfying about playing as Judas and liberating the Undead. Where the game really excels is in the small things: The Doves and Glorification of Levels, the Trainings from Jesus, the finishing moves of Purity, and the carefully crafted weapons. As a game, it is difficult to progress, and is a challenging fighting and puzzling game. It reminds me of Age of Zombies, but it has a more compelling story for me than AoZ did.

At this point, I have been playing the game for a few hours and have progress through all of the trainings and into some of the more advanced levels. What was a simple run and gun game is now considerably more complicated as I have to face off against multiple enemy types and constantly try to evade the oncoming mobs.

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