Game Review: Dustoff Vietnam

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I still remember with the original Chopper Game hit the iOS store so many years ago. It was fun, but I for some reason never got into it. I always seemed to die, and never really liked the “get to the end” gameplay (oh and the rockets were a b***h).

Ever since that game came out, I have subconsciously been watching the app store for other Helicopter games that were engaging, and a bit more approachable. Just a few short weeks ago, Dustoff Vietnam fulfilled my Helicopter desires with a great flying app.

It takes just a few minutes to understand and use the basic controls of Dustoff, but it takes several hours to master the gameplay enough to fly a maze in a Chinook. The gameplay is predictable: rescue GI’s or collect missing equipment. The challenge comes in flying your chopper through the wind, dodging enemies, and fly through mines to find all of the GI’s. It was a time consuming challenge to get all the way through (and earn all of the gold stars), but I loved every minute of it.

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