Game of the Week: Eclipse New Dawn for the Galaxy

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Eclipse is an epic board game. I have not had the pleasure of trying the physical game, but I have seen it played in videos. What an intense game!

Eclipse for the iPad is also a significant undertaking. If you have never seen the game before, think of it as a mixture of Carcassonne and Risk. Each player uses a turn to expand (placing tiles), build armies and fleets, or grow their economic might. As  the game evolves, it becomes more and more difficult. Players change the physical board in each round, making more opportunities and removing play options each turn. I have seen strategies range from Isolationist to Scientific to Conquest. In my world, Eclipse fills a critical gaming niche: Hardcore SciFi Strategy.

I have only been able to engage in the game when I have had multiple hours to play. It took almost 40 minutes to walk through and understand the gameplay tutorial (which is time well spent). Eclipse is a great game, but as far as iOS games go, it is a bit too cumbersome for me and my style of gaming.

 The Video Review

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Overall Rating

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