Game of the Week: Appointment with F.E.A.R.

icon175x175Platform: iOS     Cost: $2.99

Initially, I have been a bit skeptical when it has come down to the Interactive book format on the iTunes store. Steve Jackson’s Appointment with F.E.A.R. is one of the games in this category that is amazing! Strong words of praise, and ones that I have never spoken on my series of game reviews. For anyone who loves superhero’s this game is whitty and a wonderful addition to iPad gaming. At the low price point of $2.99 there are hours of gameplay and fun to be had.


The Game

It begins as all games do, with a nice opening screen :-).

As it turns out, you are a mutant… sorry for the spoiler. When you were a child, your parents, and your doctors subjected you to some tests…

So it turns out that everyone was out to get you before you were even born! Lame! Thankfully, you had a normal childhood and started down the road to puberty like everyone else, but when the other kids were getting pimples and bad attitudes, you started to get some awesome powers…

I of course could fix any gadget and make a gadget do anything at that age, so I went with that (why deviate from the truth). I even picked my real alias “The Command Line.”

When the game progresses, it is similar to almost any other RPG on the market. You take on daily quests, make choices, and ultimately decide the fate of your little universe. What dragged me into the story was the system of achievements and other +1’s that occur in the game. It gets tiring playing the same old RPGs over and over again, and occasionally it is fun to see what happens when you opt out of a quest.

I only wish that my life had an achievement for choosing my morning coffee over fixing our networks… If you happen to choose other paths, there are a whole slew of great achievements in the game, this is one of my other favorites:

As you can probably tell, I have not yet beat the game! I am still working on it slowly as I try to work my way through several other amazing games that will be coming your way. Stay tuned for those, and hopefully for an update to this post that goes through the end game.


For the $2.99 price point, this game kept me engaged and laughing as I stumbled my way around trying to decipher clues and collect the bad guys. Definitely a nice buy for anyone who is a RPG fan or a fan of superhero story lines.


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