Foundations of Mobile Learning

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Foundations of Mobile Learning

About this course

With so many uses, why do we not see amazing gains when schools adopt iPads and Mobile Devices into the Classroom? Current research and trends point to increasing problems with implementation and teacher knowledge. This course will examine best practices in Mobile Learning and how we can transition from a device centric model of implementation to a student led and directed plan for mobile learning (what I call the Bring Your Own Curriculum Model).

Welcome Colorado College Students and thank you for taking the journey to learn more about Mobile Learning.

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Introduction: This is the first component of a three part Mobile Education course for the Summer Session at Colorado College. In this course, students will examine models of instruction that are conducive to integrating mobile technology into all aspects of the classroom this includes approaches to differentiated instruction and assisted technology.

Although primarily based upon the integration of iPad’s (as our model mobile device) this course provides content and resources for teachers using all forms of mobile devices and mobile learning. Many districts and schools are supporting a BYOD/BYOT model which this course will address and examine. This course also explicitly addresses a wide range of curricular subjects and grade levels. All teachers are welcome to enroll in the course all I ask is that you bring a healthy appetite for learning! If you are skeptical about the course content or have questions about the course in general, please contact me.

Again, emphasis is on the use of an iPad and the instructional skills necessary for integration and innovation in the classroom. To that end, the course will focus on effective classroom management, technology distribution, student use (including the iPad Ninja Program and ClassDojo), and using research based models to remain student centered in a technology classroom. Each student will apply the material that they learn through this course to develop an action research project and grant proposal to submit to districts and foundations around Colorado. I highly recommend that students use an E-Portfolio System to track their progress and keep exemplars. You will learn more about the essential technologies in the first, introductory module of this course.

Required Materials:

As this is a course about the use of Mobile Devices, it is expected that you have and bring a Mobile Device with you to class. I am recommending that you also install the following applications.

  1. A barcode scanner – that will scan QR Codes as well.
  2. Evernote – we will use it for sharing notes and resources as well as an E-Portfolio and Document Scanner.
  3. Google Doc's/Drive - students will use Google as a mobile document platform when participating in the course.

Now that you have a couple of applications, we will also be referencing a couple of books (they are all available in the iBook’s store or Kindle Store, and hard copies will be available in the CC Bookstore):

  1. Toys to Tools by Liz Kolb
  2. Cell Phones in the Classroom by Liz Kolb

Basic Class Structure: Students will use this website to complete all of the course requirements. Lectures and lessons will be updated daily, and students will be expected to check the website and forums on a daily basis. Projects, assignments, and daily quizzes will be completed through the lessons on this site. Students are expected to report to the classroom on time and expect to begin learning immediately. Each day, we will go through two, two-hour sessions (for a total of four hours). Those sessions will be divided into an hour of content and an hour of activities – structured on this website. To prepare for class, you must complete the days assignments (receiving a passing score on the days quiz) and do the readings for the following day.

Course Structure