Evernote: Workflows for Education

 There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about how to best use Evernote in a Classroom. Lots of people talk about how to be productive with Evernote, but few Power-Users are Teachers/Educators. There have been some great posts around the Evernote For-Schools Discussion boards, and some wonderful posts by Bec Spink in Australia, […]

The Technology Directors Guide to Leadership: Post 1

As I continue to grow in my own understanding of the Role of a Technology Director, I increasingly turn to those books and resources (from organizations that I trust) about the topic. This Quarter, I have decided to examine The Technology Director’s Guide to Leadership by Don Hall. This reading is in the middle of several […]

Final Course Reflection (Organization and Administration)

It is that time again, another post to round out a course from Hopkins. This course gave you an opportunity to practice a range of leadership strategies when making decisions. It required you to think politically, orchestrate collaboration among all stakeholders, and remain steadfast in your original vision. What do you envision to be the […]


Here I am at work on a Friday…

It is something that I am not really used to doing. Having a four day instructional week is great – and I am almost always hesitant to commit to a Friday full of work!

Today we are in Professional Development about engaging students to increase achievement. Our instructor started with a video that I actually really enjoyed (and would highly recommend watching):

After we took the time to watch this awesome video, we immediately went into quiet reading and analysis of Listening to Urban Kids. It was fascinating to talk with the other teachers and walk through what our school is teaching our students. I am fascinated by my own analysis of each situation and how that effects my perception of the school. My own learning and history of learning shapes my perceptions, and how I analyze my environment.

Reflection on Co-Teaching and Differentiation

Entry #1: Co-Teaching- Share your thoughts about the co-teaching model? What impact does the upgrade of curriculum for the 21st century have on co-teaching? As a curriculum supervisor or leader, what challenges would you have supervising and evaluating a co-teaching team, and how might supervisors address these challenges? I actually have had the pleasure of co-teaching […]