A Private Move

Well, it is official… I am moving. In some ways, this move is more difficult than if I were moving in real life. I am moving my virtual life, from where it has been for two decades and trying to engage in the fight for privacy that I have been advocating for so long. If you happen to have not been paying attention lately, you can catch up on the Privacy section of my blog. Leaving Google I have been an avid Google user for more than a decade. In my professional life, I am very in-bed with Google (being a Certified Educator and Certified Innovator). Leaving Google, and transitioning my...

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BYOC vs. BYOD (Weighing in on the debate)

In late 2012, an article was written by a Technology Writer named Bridget McCrea. That article was published in Campus Technology (which is geared toward Higher Education) and was designed to walk readers through the pro’s and con’s of BYOD. There is a distinct line supporters of BYOD and those that denounce BYOD in all forms. I belive that BYOC, in an education specific context can bridge the divide around BYOD and help students more actively use technology. The reason I have chosen this article is because Bridget did a great job of taking the perspectives and backing them up...

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Evernote Project

Working with Evernote and the Moleskine team over the past couple weeks has been wonderful! First off, let me give a little backstory. After arriving at KiS Jeju, I had some cleaning to do. My predecessor, did not have, nor ever thing of implementing a Technology Vision for the KiS Jeju District. As such, I found a whole slew of waste! Smartboards, in every classroom… grades 1-10… not being used. When I stated pulling rank and figuring out our systems, I immediately started changing the way that we do business in the technology office on a day-to-day basis. The first, and most...

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Here I am at work on a Friday…

It is something that I am not really used to doing. Having a four day instructional week is great – and I am almost always hesitant to commit to a Friday full of work!

Today we are in Professional Development about engaging students to increase achievement. Our instructor started with a video that I actually really enjoyed (and would highly recommend watching):

After we took the time to watch this awesome video, we immediately went into quiet reading and analysis of Listening to Urban Kids. It was fascinating to talk with the other teachers and walk through what our school is teaching our students. I am fascinated by my own analysis of each situation and how that effects my perception of the school. My own learning and history of learning shapes my perceptions, and how I analyze my environment.

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The Merits of Curriculum

As it turns out, I am in the process of working with and developing curriculum as part of my Johns Hopkins program. In my course, we have spent the last month critiquing the four aspects of curriculum (written, taught, assessed, and hidden) to determine if the goals of a specific curriculum align with our hopes for that specific curriculum. In the middle of doing these readings and assignments, I came across two resources that are making me rethink our process and goals. 1) Below is a talk that was given by Sir Ken Robinson at the AERO Conference (Alternative Education Research Organization)...

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