Game Review: The Survivor

The Survivor is a fun, but somewhat limited Crafting Survival Game.

You start off with your hand and a rock. Like a crazy person, you bang that rock against other rocks and against tress to collect resources so that you can survive. As a word of caution, like most Survival Games, the worst mobs come out at night, so make sure that you have some light, a weapon, and some shelter to protect you when the sun goes down (basically just chop down a bunch of trees with you rock at the beginning of the game).

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Game of the Week: Rebuild

Rebuild is a fantastic app! The premise is to develop a post-apocalyptic town and make it safe for all of the inhabitants. You do this by recruiting additional helpers, finding weapons, searching for food, and completing quests. As you build your town, you will discover quests that ask you to find several locations on the map ore recruit certain numbers of followers.

I played the Rebuild game on a 6 hour flight. I started it, and I thought “This will keep me entertained for a few hours.” After six hours of solid play, I had the game figured out, and completed the majority of the quests. It is a great game, and has a great amount of gameplay packed into a small price tag. This would be a fantastic purchase for anyone who is a fan of zombies and strategy games.

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Game of the Week: Cthulhu Saves the World

Platform: iOS     Cost: $1.99 My current game of the week is Cthulhu Saves the World by TinkerHouse Games. If you can imagine crossing witty humor with our favorite squid god in an edgy 8-bit RPG, you would understand why Cthulhu Saves the World is a great addition to an iOS device. As a rabid fan of RPG’s (going back the the original NES Zelda) I latched on to the game as soon as I saw it in the App Store. After the small investment, I was off and playing the game. The commentary that TinkerHouse uses is both engaging and funny, while only increasing the feel of the RPG. This is a...

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App Essentials: Werdsmith

Werdsmith is an interesting app. It is just a text editor. There are no bells, no whistles, it is just a place for you to create and write and work on those long writing projects that you have a hard time focusing on. Not much to review, but take a look at the video for why I am choosing to highlight this video.

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Game of the Week: Traps and Gemstones

Platform: iOS     Cost: $4.99 This weeks game of the week is Traps and Gemstones for iOS. This game is a great puzzler and platformer, but it has little to offer the world of education. I found the game to be entertaining to a point… the point where it became repetative. I love the fact that it is modeled after the great Indiana Jones, but it has relatively simple puzzles and controls. When it was on my iPad, I only played the game a handful of times before I moved on to other, more adventurous, games. The Video Review...

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