Game of the Week: European War 2

This game is old, for the app store, but is a fantastic game that I have not had a chance to review yet.

When I was in college, say 10 years ago, my friends and I would play board games. I very clearly remember the first time we played Axis and Allies. It is a game about managing resources, waging war, and making strategic alliances. The only games that have ever come close to that on the iPad are the European War Series.

A few months ago, I wrote about the more recent game in the European War Series, the Napoleon Wars. In that game, you can control the forces of the American and French revolutions. In European War 2, you explore a different, more recent, and more publicized war, World War 2.

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Game of the Week: World of Warriors

Tap to kill your enemies! World of Warriors is a hybrid Deck Building and Fighting game. As you engage in combat, you have to tap dropped items and resources to add them to your characters. As you progress through the game you are give access to more and more characters, but I won’t spoil the video, take a look.

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Game Review: Wolf 3D

Wolfenstein 3D for iPad. Do I really need to say anything else?…

… I guess I do. This is a classic game, and that is about the only reason to get it. If you want the nostalgia of playing Wolf 3D on your iPad, more power to you. I played the game a lot when I was a kid, and after a few minutes of playing on the iPad, I was ready to move on. I suspect that the shelf life will be short for this game, and this kind of port in general.

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Game of the Week: Monsu

If Rovio had done Angry Birds Transformers correctly, this would be it! Monsu is a great side scrolling platformer/endless runner.

You control Monsu, a green ogre who is chasing some gnomes who carry a chest full of gold. Along the way, you will pass a large number of defenses and try to not fall to your death. As you progress, you find that this is actually a Deck Building game! You collect cards to earn companions and special powers on the battlefield. This game is immediately playable and has a great tutorial to familiarize you with the controls. Even though it is easy to get started, the challenges and leveling becomes increasingly difficult, keeping you engaged and working to progress.

This is a great game, and it will certainly last a long time on my iPad before I move on to other games in a similar vein.

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Game of the Week: Angry Birds Transformers

This app, despite all of the hype, transformed into a flop.

I have been a big fan of the Rovio games, and enjoyed the starwars subset tremendously. The most recent venture into the side scrolling Transformers, makes me a bit confused and annoyed. The game is entirely different, and is now a “Click to win” game rather than involving any skill or strategy.

Transformers has you run across the field (from left to right) and fire on the Decepti-pigs. You get points for killing them and having blocks fall and kill them. When you win you progress through the standard “Angry Birds” 3 star campaign system unlocking more perks along the way.

In my book, Angry Birds Transformers is a disappointment, and a game that I will promptly remove from my iPad.

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