App Essentials: Todoist (Tasks)

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Over the past few months, I have been working hard to locate a Todo list app that works for my systems. It has been a long journey…

When I first started, I was recording all of my Tasks on either a sheet of paper (or sticky notes) and sometimes entering them on my iOS Reminders Application. The stock Reminders app does get the job done, but did not have the features I wanted. Above all things, I am a technology integrationist! My systems work because they interact with one another, not because I have found a single silver bullet. After looking at GNEO, Eisenhower, Trello, Toodledo, Things, and Wunderlist, I finally broke down and tried Todoist.

It has changed my world completely! I can quickly and easily manage a wide range of Todos and Projects within a single, integrated interface. I love todoist, and it has replaced all of the other applications on my iOS Devices.

 The Video Review

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