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In my work, it is essential that I keep up a running blog of what I am doing. Since I also happen to live abroad, I also see the value of keeping up my own personal and professional blogs to keep everyone informed of what is going on in my life. Now that I have more than five blogs to keep up and running, one of my biggest struggles is finding a way to keep them all up to date. Over the past few months, I have started blogging directly from my iPad using a free app called Posts.

Posts has revolutionized the way that I blog and share information with my networks. From any location and time, I can pull out my iPad and create or edit any of my blogs (and to be honest, I should be doing that more often).

What is Posts?

Posts, by Joao Pedro Pavao, is a free application for iOS that allows you to connect to multiple WordPress blogs. The WordPress app itself is somewhat unapproachable for me. In the past, all that I would use was the WordPress app. As I have grown in my posting of screenshots and images, I needed to find something that was a bit easier to edit the photos in (since the WordPress app does HTML inserts – which is fine, but time consuming). Since all of my sites are hosted on WordPress, I was only looking for an app that supports the framework. The pickings are slim…

When I searched the web for articles and reviews, I saw several, but the same few apps were in every review: Posts and Blogsy. I tried both! You will see my review of Blogsy in a few days when it is released. What immediately draws me to Posts is this view:

When the App opens, it shows you a graphical representation of the blogs that you have tied to your account. In my case, I have three wordpress blogs tied to my Posts app. As you can see from the screenshot. the graphical interface is easy to navigate and collates all of my information in an easy to navigate way. The other app that I have used – Blogsy – is not as intuitive to see what is going on in each blog and instead focuses on writing and editing content (which is great, just not what I want). I am managing four websites, not just blogs, and I need to be able to manage comments, edit and compose blog posts, save and edit offline drafts, and an overview snapshot of each site. Posts, and not Blogsy, lets me do just that.

When you actually select a post you want to edit on Posts – and you can see this is a previous Game of the Week post of mine – it loads the HTML barebones framework for you in the editor. You can view all of the posts with your formatting and editing as well as site wide CSS when you select the individual post.


In my opinion, Posts is the best blogging app for WordPress on the App Store. The cost is fantastic (Free) and it has a number of features that I could not get in other places. If Posts had the same integrations with third party photo and video services like Blogsy, it would be the number one blogging app on the app store. Give it a try!


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