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Before I get started, I must admit: I am a chrome user when I plugin to my desktop. There are such a huge number of web-browsers out there, and I simply have removed myself from the browser update and review pipeline. Back when the iPhone first came out, I was pretty content with the just using Safari. As a Mac User at the time, it was easy for me to transition to the Safari browser on the iPhone. A few years went by, I tried Opera (and un-installed it), and then Chrome came to the iPhone and I almost cried.

Now I have reached a point where the iOS Chrome browser is being eclipsed by other third party software. I will always use Chrome on my Mac and PC computers, but when I am on the go with my iPad and iPhone, I find that both Safari and Chrome are lacking in functionality. As an avid Evernote User, and someone who is always looking for apps with Educational Connotations, I decided to try Dolphin, the Evernote integrated web-browser. It only took a few minutes for me to latch on to the Functionality that Dolphin has to offer.

When you factor in Desktop Chrome Extensions to sync Bookmarks, and send websites to your phone, you come away with a great productivity app. You can see those amazing features in the video review below.

 The Video Review

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