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As a mobile professional, and one who logged 50,000 miles of travel in the last year alone, I have a remarkable need to be able to work on the go. In all of my work, the only thing that is remarkably difficult from a mobile device was updating web content. The WordPress App has such a terrible interface, that I found it hard to work for hours at a time on each post. What is strange about this situation is that I love using Diet Coda on the iPad – it is intuitive and a great HTML/Code editor.

Where WordPress stumbles, Blogsy takes off at a sprint. The native WordPress app is difficult to use because of its inability to connect to other services and video/photo sites. Blogsy takes that to the other extreme, giving you a wide range of options to hold your photo and video content. That being said, the app is not perfect. There are fairly regular crashes, but none of them have resulted in lost data (which is better than several of the other iPad WordPress Apps).

 The Video Review

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